We make workforce management easy

The feautures and functionality of TeamzWize.

How does TeamzWize help customers?


• Unique “Top-down” scheduling
• Automated shift-change management
• Automated schedule updating
• Changes sent automatically to all staff
• Ultra-specific scheduling
• Automated on-demand scheduling
• Complex rules automation


• Proprietary communication suite
• News Board per location
• Public and personal channels
• Group Chats
• Video conferencing
• Read notifications

Time & Attendance Tracking

• Employee geolocation (optional)
• Facial recognition to avoid time theft
• Clock-in/clock-out available through desktop, smartphones and tablets

Timesheet Management

• Digital timecards
• Automated timecard creation and validation
• Abnormality tracker

Leave management

• Real-time attendance updates
• Time-off calendar
• PTO tracking


• Payroll exporting function
• Payroll integration
• Real-time cost tracking
• Automate complex pay rules


• Real-time KPI tracking (labor costs, budgets,
sales, revenue)
• Weather and event tracking
• Forecasting
• Report Builder


• Document storage
• Company-wide document sharing,
public or private
• Document History


• Create, edit and send notes to your staff
• Task management

Compliance features

• Built-in transparency measures
• Change logs and permanent records
• Daily/Weekly hour limits
• Customizable compliance tailored to any business

Open API

• Create custom automated workflows
• Send data out to any ERP/HCM/HRIS/etc.
• Connect data sources and run custom reports

Custom deployments

• Ready for on-site deployment
• Private or public cloud available
• Whitelabeling
• Custom automated geo-fencing
• Multilingual (any language you need)

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