Empower your employees while increasing feedback and communication.

Improve engagement. Eliminate third-party platforms. Boost morale.

Enhance and Expand Communication and Engagement

Transparent information and communication is key for workforce management. When employees are not aligned, it can create stress and lower productivity and without proper ways to provide input, they can end up caring less about their job. To help manage this, TeamzWize has communication modules to cover all your communication needs. 

TeamzWize is also mobile and includes collaborative tools. Desktop, smartphones (iOS and Android), or tablets, employees can receive tasks, schedules, reminders, or any other information they need at any time. Video conferencing is also available. Schedule changes and other updates can be easily made and sent and automatically done with easy approval.

How TeamzWize Helps:

  • Employees can have more involvement managing their own schedules and shift changes
    • Preferred hours can be set
    • Availability and changes can be dealt with by employees, with replacements made official by manager approval
    • When approved changes are made the schedule updates automatically for everyone
    • Employee involvement and automatic checking of availability, compliance, etc., can allow managers to focus on other tasks
  • Digital notebooks are available and can be assigned to individuals and groups
    • These are simple to update and share
  • Centralized communication completely eliminates the need for third-party platforms
    • This means less missed messages, and clearer work/life boundaries
    • Information is easily accessed and recalled when needed
    • Employee engagement and morale can be assessed in real-time, and issues can be quickly and accurately identified
    • Allows for meaningful feedback and better decision making
  • Added involvement for remote workers
    • Easy to use collaboration tools, on whatever device they choose
    • Provides a secure, single platform to communicate from anywhere

Schedule Smarter

More detail, more comprehensive, less risk and less work. TeamzWize makes scheduling and compliance uncomplicated, with everything you need to make schedules quickly and intelligently. Schedulers can see everything they need to know at a glance, while TeamzWize checks requirements for them, automatically supplying options with information and clarity.

Lower Costs and Reduce Risks

Absences and faulty time reporting, compliance issues, miscommunication, incomplete record keeping and reports; TeamzWize reduces risks and lowers the costs associated with them. Integrated data for everything from scheduling and compliance to employee input and communication, to costs and budgets, and more, gives organizations the complete picture needed to make better decisions.

Improve Efficiency

What could your business do with the time it spends double or triple checking schedules and compliance, compiling sales reports and budgets, tracking hours, worrying about customer feedback or employee morale? TeamzWize is workforce management software that intelligently tracks and organizes all the data your business needs, linked to easy-to-use tools for nearly every aspect of your business.

Prepare for the Future

A lot of organizations are being asked to do more with less, while still seeking growth and success. This puts a lot of pressure on both businesses and employees. TeamzWize was built to help relieve some of that stress, automating complicated tasks associated with workforce management in a complete, yet straight-forward way. This helps businesses do more with less, while supplying more information, to build a better future for everyone involved.

Optimize and Future-Proof Your Business