Is TeamzWize Right for you?

Improve engagement. Eliminate third-party platforms. Boost morale.

TeamzWize Features

Transparent information and communication is the key for so many aspects of workforce management. However, both of those things can end up confused, and often not very clear. When employees can’t work together it can create more work for management, while increasing employee stress and lowering their morale. A lack of ways to give input can mean employees end up caring less about their job.

In order to combat these issues, TeamzWize has both public and private communication modules to cover any and all communication needs for your business. Information is centrally stored, for analysis and application where and when it’s needed. TeamzWize is also mobile, and includes collaborative tools.

Desktop, smart phones (iOS and Android), or tablets, employees can receive tasks, schedules, reminders, or any other information they need. Video conferencing is available anytime, anywhere. Real-time assessments can be made based on messages and input, to help accurately judge employee morale. Schedule changes and other updates can be easily made and sent by management, or automatically made with approval.

How TeamzWize Helps:

Mobile, desktop, or iOS, TeamzWize allows every member of your team to do their best through intuitive, comprehensive, and user-friendly workforce technology. No matter what platform your business uses, TeamzWize works for your organization and your employees to deliver what your business and team needs to succeed.

Workforce Management Software for what your business needs.

  • Works for multi-location organizations.
  • Multilingual capability.
  • Great for growing or expanding your business.
  • Includes customer feedback program.
  • Made for businesses of all sizes.

Schedule Smarter

More detail, more comprehensive, less risk and less work. TeamzWize makes scheduling and compliance uncomplicated, with everything you need to make schedules quickly and intelligently. Schedulers can see everything they need to know at a glance, while TeamzWize checks requirements for them, automatically supplying options with information and clarity.

Lower Costs and Reduce Risks

Absences and faulty time reporting, compliance issues, miscommunication, incomplete record keeping and reports; TeamzWize reduces risks and lowers the costs associated with them. Integrated data for everything from scheduling and compliance to employee input and communication, to costs and budgets, and more, gives organizations the complete picture needed to make better decisions.

Improve Efficiency

What could your business do with the time it spends double or triple checking schedules and compliance, compiling sales reports and budgets, tracking hours, worrying about customer feedback or employee morale? TeamzWize is workforce management software that intelligently tracks and organizes all the data your business needs, linked to easy-to-use tools for nearly every aspect of your business.

Prepare for the Future

A lot of organizations are being asked to do more with less, while still seeking growth and success. This puts a lot of pressure on both businesses and employees. TeamzWize was built to help relieve some of that stress, automating complicated tasks associated with workforce management in a complete, yet straight-forward way. This helps businesses do more with less, while supplying more information, to build a better future for everyone involved.

Optimize and Future-Proof Your Business